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Super Safari

Hurghada is a popular holiday destination on the Red Sea coast. There is so much to do. Beside the wide range of water related activities, Hurghada also offers some land activities. So why not hopping on board of a 4×4 for an off-road jeep ride across the desert. Or how about a trip to a Bedouin village followed by a delicious dinner bursting with regional flavors. Our Super Safari trip is a good idea to make your time in Hurghada really special.



Buggy driving

Did you know that there is more to do than sunbathing, snorkeling or diving when on holiday in Hurghada? If you like adventure, thrills and excitement, you should try our Buddy Driving tour. Drive into the unexplored desert in a buggy and view the many colors and striking rock formation of the extended desert.



3 hours safari 

With so much in-water actions, you may forget that back onshore there is an entire desert to explore, here in Hurghada. You don’t have to go very far off-road to discover the valleys, sandwiched in by the mountains to see most of the landscape of the desert. A popular way to experience this desert hinterland is our 3 Hours Driving ATV tour.


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