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Open Water Course

To start scuba diving in lakes and seas or, as is often said, in open water, you must complete the Open Water Diver diving course and get an international OWD certificate (the certificate of Open Water Diver) . For certification, it is necessary to successfully work out an exercise program in the pool, listen to all the theoretical materials, pass the theoretical exam and make training dives in the sea (in "open water").

As a result, you will receive a certificate of international standard, allowing you to dive in any dive centers of the world.

Our highly professional instructors will take you through the basic steps of your first professional diving course in a structured and consistent manner:
-theoretical part for mastering the basic principles of scuba diving;
-closed water dives in the swimming pool to learn basic diving skills;
-open water dives to test your skills and enjoy the real diving.
The Open Water Diver course is the basis for all further diving training.


What will you learn during the course?
- all information about the various elements of diving and the partnership system;
- how to use modern diving equipment;
- how to collect scuba gear and check its performance;
- how to put on and take off all equipment in different conditions;
- how to care for the equipment and keep it in working order;
- how to control of buoyancy;
- how to ascent and to exit from the water.

You will get acquainted with the elements of diving planning and action plan in emergency situations, get the theoretical knowledge of the physics and physiology of diving. The basic processes that occur with a person under water is necessary to understand too.
As an elementary course, PADI Open Water Diver is the basis for all further education. You should remember that without the OWD certificate you cannot continue the diving education.

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