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Hurghada Glass Boat

Semi Submarine Trip

Hurghada Semi Submarine Tour:

Watch the marine life during class, see the most beautiful coral reef in the red sea, while you are sitting in conditioned underwater Sal.

Empire scope is a semi-submarine with the largest panoramic windows.

Good experience underwater dive without diving course.

Its a trip for all of your family.

Also, get a chance for around  45 minutes swimming snorkeling on coral reef island.

15 euro per person

The Boat Description:

  • Length of 38 meters

  • Panoramic windows 125 cm *100 cm.

  • Capacity 75 persons.

  • Wide 8 meters 

The tour Description:

Departing from the hotel to  Hurghada marina located in the city center.

Getting on board 25 mints sailing to {abo monkar coral reef area ).

Getting in underwater where the panoramic windows.

Enjoying 45 mints watching coral reefs.

Returning on board and starting 45 mints snorkeling.

Back to Hurghada marina

Back to the hotels by transfer.

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