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Dolphins House VIP

Mariana yacht, the endless expanse of the Red Sea, with its unique colours, dolphins who swim near you, enjoying snorkelling in one of the most picturesque diving sites in Hurghada, a chic lunch with seafood dishes right on board.
A dream, isn't it? This is true!

The voyage to the Dolphin House will leave in your memory and in your heart the most unforgettable impressions of your holiday in Egypt. It is a miracle that you can watch dolphins -these smart, beautiful animals in the open sea.

While on this excursion you are kindly requested to follow certain rules in order not to cause additional harm to these animals: it is forbidden to feed dolphins; throw unnecessary items into the water; scream loudly; hit hard on the water. Non-observance of these elementary rules carries irreversible destructive actions.

25€ Per person

Spinner Dolphins

A boat trip to the Dolphin House begins early in the morning, you are taken from any hotel in Hurghada (or other place of your stay in the city) and taken to the pier where the yacht will be waiting for you. You will go to the favorite habitat of dolphins in Hurghada.

Members of the team will help everyone to stay on the upper deck for sunbathers and downstairs on soft sofas and armchairs, who prefer the shadow.

As long as the yacht will be sailing on turquoise expanse of the Red Sea, you can enjoy the views of the most beautiful sea, and sunbathe.

Further according to the plan we will get to the Dolphin House. This is an exciting sight!

 Dolphins swim in flocks, then gracefully roll over the water, then rapidly fly upwards, making somersaults. Scientists have proven that the sound that dolphins emit has a beneficial effect on human health, the energy of these amazing animals calms, gives a sense of stability and joy. Not by chance in many cities around the world appeared centers that are engaged in dolphin therapy.
 After the meeting with the dolphins on board the yacht, you will find a perfectly served dining table with delicious and hearty dishes prepared by the chef especially for you with seafood. Non-alcoholic drinks and water are provided throughout the trip.

Our sea excursion still continues further you will find a stop near the coral reefs, where, while swimming and diving, you can enjoy the unique beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea. Its fantastic inhabitants, corals and fish of all colors of the rainbow will not surprise you, you will be delighted!

You can safely take photos and video for memory.  At the end of the sea voyage, the bus will take you to the hotel.

What is included in the price of the trip?

- Transfer from the hotel
- Equipment for snorkeling (you will find a special stop for scuba diving)
- Professional guide instructor
- Stop at the bay for swimming with dolphins
- Lunch on board the yacht
- Water and soft drinks.

Do not forget to take with you:

- Bathing suit,
- And of course the camera.

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