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Dolphin House

Dolphin House is the place where your dreams come true.
What else besides swimming, sunbathing, sleeping and relaxing can you do in Hurghada?

For example, you don’t want to leave the hotel for a long time, but you dream about new pleasant impressions?

When you organize excursions through our company, your insurance, which you issued before your trip to Hurghada, is valid.

25€per person

We can advise an exciting sea excursion to the Dolphin House. The trip is beautiful and beneficial for many reasons.

- Enjoying sea views while sailing on a yacht to the final destination
- Snorkeling in the most interesting diving-site - a lot of colorful fish, living corals, different sea creatures in one place.

- Finally, the swimming with dolphins in their natural environment.
- Delicious lunch and drinks during the trip.
- Ability to sunbathe on board a snow-white yacht.
- Many beautiful photos, what you will bring with you from travel, to share your adventures with friends and family.

You will not forget this trip. The beauty and expanse of the open sea fascinate calm and lift the mood.
Communication with dolphins has a beneficial effect on human health. Dolphins are so friendly creatures that they offer a communication to a person who is swimming with them in the water. As a result of joint swimming, playing activities, exchanging non-verbal information, a powerful positive effect on the emotional background and health, especially mental.
The advantage of this particular excursion is that you can watch dolphins in their natural environment, not in the pool, admire how these strong and graceful animals play with each other, and if you are lucky, swim with them.

Dolphin House is not a fenced nature reserve, it is a spacious bay with a unique combination of warm and cold currents, which these amazing sea animals chose as their habitat by themselves.

The Dolphin House is the only dolphin reserve in Hurghada! This is where our children's dream comes true - to swim with dolphins, and this is also the most interesting sea excursion in Hurghada by the tourist’s opinion.

What is included in the price of the trip?

  • Round transfer by air  conditioned bus

  • The snorkeling Equipment s

  • Lunch meal

  • 2 stops on coral reef to snorkel

  • Swimming with the dolphins wild

  • Soft drinks all on board

  • Guide

  • Round Banana boat

  • Round sofa

What you need to take with you for a comfortable pastime:

  • - sunscreen to enjoy the rest and not regret it later.

  • - a headdress, because the sun is quite active in Hurghada all year round, and you will stay most of the trip in the sun.

  • - Sunglasses, so that nothing would stop you to admire the wonderful nature and the Red Sea colors.

  • - bathing suit - one of the main attributes of the trip.

  • - a towel

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