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Daily Diving in Hurghada

The Red Sea, washing the shores of Hurghada, is wonderful place for diving because there is always crystal clear water in it - no river flows into this sea. You can go diving here all the year, as the water is always warm enough for the comfortable diving.

The most suitable place in Egypt to learn to scuba dive or to improve the existing professional level - Hurghada.
Hurghada is a famous resort on the Red Sea coast. Here the sun shines all year round, and sandy beaches stretch for tens of kilometers.

35 €

The underwater world of the Red Sea in Hurghada is incredibly rich. The legendary coral reefs stretching along the coast of the Red Sea have become a true miracle of the country. All in all, Hurghada coast grows about 150 species of coral. Coral reefs, in turn, are the biological center, attracting a huge variety of fish and marine species. With such a rich underwater flora and fauna, of course, that the Red Sea in Egypt is almost the best place in the world for diving.

Diving in Hurghada is undoubtedly a very exciting adventure. Every year thousands of divers from all over the world gather in these places. Arriving on the Red Sea, you will not regret a minute that you have chosen this particular point on the map of our planet.
Are you already a certified diver?


As a certified diver, you can dive from the shore or join our daily boat trips. Every day we choose a new dive site.

You will get a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions. Hone your skills, because all our instructors are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience whom they will gladly share with you. New experience with instructors Pickup Tours will forever remain in your memory.

The knowledge owned by the instructors of our center is relevant and reliable. Even if you are a certified diver, it will not be superfluous to refresh in your memory everything that you know about diving, and get new knowledge that Pickup Tours instructors share with you during daily diving.

In the area of Hurghada, there are more than forty dive sites. Our friendly and experienced instructors will show you the best ones. We take care of all the logistics and travel arrangements so you can relax and enjoy diving.
You usually make your first dive on the beach or by boat in a local place along the coast. Local attractions are protected from the waves and currents and provide an easy and relaxing start of your diving experience.
Full instruction before each dive, dedicated to safety rules and features of interest. All our dive centers and boats have full emergency equipment.
Please don’t forget to check your certificate in our diving center.


Included in the price

Convenient pickup and drop-off service
Tea, coffee and Soft drinks.
lunch meal on board 
dive guide 

2 spots diving 

Excluded from the price

  • the gear cost 15 euro extra 

  • transfer from makadi ,sahel hasheesh ,elgouna 

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