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Luxor tour by



If you don’t like the crowd of a full bus but still appreciate being in a small group than we recommend you to make your visit to Luxor by van or small bus and be treated as VIP. The van will pick you up from your hotel, at the time communicated to you at the confirmation of your booking.



Private tour to Luxor by car or van


The noise and crowd in a bus is something you are not found about? Or you want to rest during the drive to Luxor? Well we also offer this tour as a private trip to Luxor. For up to 3 persons you will travel by car and if you are 4 persons or more, a van will be put at your disposal.



Luxor tour from Hurghada by bus


A bus will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada, at the time communicated to you at the confirmation of your booking. After we picked up everybody, you will head to Luxor. Before the visit starts, a tour guide will join you and accompany you during the entire tour of Luxor.



Hot air balloon at Luxor


Enjoy the most epic aerial overviews of the West Bank from the hot air ballon Luxor. Marvel the Nile and its valley from 1000 feet during Hot air balloon trips with high safety and quality.



Private Tour To Luxor 2 Days 


special tour over night ,explore more at Luxor ,visit the western bank of the Nile at first day and spend a night at Hotel then explore the eastern bank  sites of interest ,all in private with a tour guide 

start from180 €


Cairo private tour from Hurghada


Sometimes you want the full attention of your tour guide just for you or your group because you want to absorb as much information as you can about the beautiful sights you are going to visit. Or you just want to rest during the long way to Cairo because of the exhausting day that is awaiting you.

starting from 75€


Cairo - Hurghada by plane 


The easiest and fastest way to get in Cairo is to fly. If you don’t like the long drives to Cairo, than you should travel by plane. We will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport of Hurghada, at the time received together with the confirmation of the booking of your trip.



Cairo - Hurghada by Van - VIP tour 

Saturday Monday Wednesday

If you prefer to be part of just a select group of persons, than our Cairo Over Day Tour by Van is the perfect way to visit Cairo. Or it is also ideal if you want to rest during the long way to Cairo to be fit for the visits.


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