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Advanced Open Water Course

To start scuba diving in lakes and seas or, as is often said, in open water, you must complete the Open Water Diver diving course and get an international OWD certificate (the certificate of Open Water Diver) . For certification, it is necessary to successfully work out an exercise program in the pool, listen to all the theoretical materials, pass the theoretical exam and make training dives in the sea (in "open water").

As a result, you will receive a certificate of international standard, allowing you to dive in any dive centers of the world.


This diving course prepares the diver for self-diving. What is this concept? Where to swim, when you need to go back, how to come to the starting point, when to rise, how to plan the dive - all these questions will arise in front of you as soon as you feel ready to leave the instructor. Advanced Open Water Diver course will teach you to solve these and many other tasks.
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is a mix of necessary theoretical knowledge what is the basic for professional diving and practical part of exercises. After you will pass the finishing examination you will get Advanced Open Water Diver  certificate.

OWD certification provides the diver with the possibility of independent diving, while limiting the maximum depth to 18 meters. AOWD certification significantly expands its capabilities by adding the necessary set of knowledge for making deeper and more difficult dives, allowing you to enter a different level of knowledge. It is not by chance that this course is one of the most popular ones held at any foreign departure.

Requirements for admission to the course:
- age not less than 12 years;
- lack of medical contraindications;
- Open Water Diver PADI certificate.
Studying process:
Pickup Tours diving center provides everything you need to successful education of the Advanced Open Water Diver course. The theoretical lessons are held in the form of briefings and setting specific tasks for this type of dive. Theoretical knowledge is reinforced by the test of the textbook from the textbook PADI Adventures in Diving on the topics of the dives.

What do you get by completing the course:
Ability to self-dive with a certified partner to a depth of 30 meters;
-Ability to participate in further education in the following programs.
This course allows you to gain confidence and experience under the guidance of a professional PADI. Due to the wide range of opportunities offered by the course program, everyone can choose exactly what interests him.

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