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Hurghada Online Tours


Tour agency in Hurghada city we provide the best tours and trips in Hurghada with the best prices Cairo, Luxor.

We offer Outdoor Activities, Boat Tours & Water Sports, Tours, Archaeology Tours, City Tours, Swim with Dolphins, Scuba & Snorkeling.

Arrive in Cairo and explore the only survivor wonder of the ancient world at Giza Pyramids and its world-famous Sphinx, get lost at the Egyptian museum; the house of thousands of Egyptian artifacts especially the treasuries from Tutankhamen's tomb. Travel south to attend the special Sun Festival that takes place at Abu Simbel twice a year. 

Cruise the Nile and explore the Nile valley and the Pharaohs' wonders between Aswan and Luxor. Marvel the dusty tombs at the Valley of the Kings together with the mortuary temple of the female Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut, explore the marvelous temples of Luxor and Karnak. Add a special extension to chillax in Hurghada on the Red Sea and discover the hidden paradise under the water.

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